Fishing And Baseball Coins More Urgent Than Safety Of Children

For some, massacre is a scary word. ?It is a word that invokes the image of multiple bodies taken from loved ones in a violent and horrific manner — such as in the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, CT last year. ?

This word is enough to make some want to take drastic measures and puts others into deep depression. ?Most people can agree that what this word does most, in the big scheme of things, is instill a want to ensure that it never has to be heard again. ?This want was very obvious during the memorial held June 14 2013 at Edmonton Hall for the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. ?According to the NY Daily News, there were 26 seconds of silence for each Sandy Hook victim. ?Many of those directly affected were in attendance to speak on the issue of gun control legislation and reform.

Yet, in the six months that have passed since one of the most memorable massacres in our history, the “want” shared by so many people does not seem to be a want of Congress. ?This doesn’t just affect Newtown, it affects everyone. ?So many of us feel uneasy sending walking out our front door due to the lack of gun control. ??This blatant disregard for such vital change leaves us wondering why? ?Why is the obvious need for change not so obvious to everyone? ?Why is the point of making something like a massacre less likely not being viewed as an important issue? ?What would it take for the senate to be empathetic enough to understand why this is such a big deal? ?Is it the mentality that “this does not affect me” or “reforming this law won’t help” that is keeping them from putting this into place? ?Is that the type of thinking that we are at in 2013, if that is the case?

Is everyone not aware of the impact that even the smallest incidence has, let alone a huge incident? ?Are all of the random bills that are circulating through Congress more important than the potential safety of our fellow humans? Are the Freedom to Fish Act, Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013, and a bill to specify the size of the precious-metal blanks that will be used in the production of commemorative coins for the National Baseball Hall of Fame?more important than the potential safety of our fellow human beings and our children?

This is the type of thing that leads to the contradictions that plague our society. ?The lack of action by our government gives individuals a sense of unnecessary entitlement, which then creates more issues that are not being dealt with. ?We need gun reform. It is evident by the amount of gun deaths that have been happening across this nation in such large numbers. ?I wonder what these congressmen say to their children when they are asked why so many children had to die on that day. ?Do congressmen lie to their children that it will never happen again? ?Do they tell their children that they don’t have to worry about that happening to them? ?How can anyone look their child in the eye and assure their safety these days? ?That is a feat that few are entitled to, and it’s a fear that is a stark reality of the families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims.