Ron Paul: Homeschooling With A Radical Approach (VIDEO)


Lets not pull any punches here. The Republican party is in shambles. The neo-cons of the party can no longer depend on the angry anti-government white males to carry them in national elections.

This has set off a mass voter suppression movement not only across the South but all over the country. In addition, we have seen a growing number of people gravitate to the Libertarian philosophy which is a major building block of the Tea Party and a form of political thought that, in recent times, would have Ron Paul (R-TX) the godfather thereof.

In the last election, Ron Paul was never a threat to Mitt Romney. However, Ron Paul supporters, who are a impassioned group, were a major thorn in the side of the Republican party. It became clear that ?Ron Paul and his Libertarian approach to government was resonating with the anti-government, anarchist type mindsets across the nation. We have seen Ron Paul son Rand Paul (R-KY) rise to the level of presidential hopeful in 2016 and no one really has any doubt that the latter Paul will be running for the highest office of government in the land and the world.

In recent developments, Ron Paul has announced that his organization was moving into the homeschooling business. Ron Paul stated:

?I want people to be able to homeschool their children. Not everybody is, this is designed to pick out the leaders who want to, and maybe 20 percent might be interested in doing this. But they would at least see, these would be leaders who then would be talking about running for Congress and understand why the Federal Reserve is a problem today. We have been conditioned, in all our schools, that it’s good to have a very, very robust foreign policy, to be involved in all these countries, we’ve been taught the Federal Reserve is sacred except for the last few years people are questioning the Federal Reserve. We’ve been taught deficits are good. Everyone has been taught one of our greatest presidents was Woodrow Wilson, but if you’re liberal or conservative, if you look at Woodrow Wilson, he was, he violently abused our civil liberties. He was the one that told us we had to march around the world. He was the one that changed our foreign policy. And I’d like to show that some of our presidents, the only great president have been warmongers and maybe people who argued for negotiations might be a better president. So it will be a different approach. But it will be up front. It will be the freedom philosophy. It will be based on individual freedom and not a collectivist approach.

The?curriculum teaches?Biblical principles of self-government, the Austrian school of economics, an understanding of the U.S. Constitution and how it’s been hijacked and how to run a YouTube channel, among other things. Presumably, there’s no favorable mention of the Civil Rights Act, and based on the beliefs of the folks associated with the project, there’s probably a lot of talk about Christians taking theocratic dominion over the earth, or at least America. It basically turns your little ones into Paul’s intellectual offspring. Ron Paul statements have brought about real questions of just what the overall goal of this enterprise is really all about. Cenk Uygur offered this commentary on his daily show the Young Turks.

On MSNBC Morning Joe program, Paul made a?reference insinuating?that woman could find a new place in the home schooling the children. That woman should fore go their careers and that, under their type Austerity economics, the woman ?would not be needed to work?but?could, instead,?revert back to their traditional roles within the family structure at home. Paul went on to say under our current educational system, its the warmonger Presidents that are glorified and that his curriculum would focus on issues differently. Below is a snippet from that MSNBC interview with Ron Paul.

Its striking that Paul suggests that parents be in charge of their children’s education versus that of the public school. Many might not argue that parents do have a right ?to home school their children. What is troubling is the indoctrination, this curriculum could have the effect of portraying the ?U.S. government as a monster versus the privatization goals of the Libertarian Paul.

Ron Paul’s curriculum is headed by Gary North. North is a central figure in Christian Reconstructionism. This methodology has been very controversial within Christian circles. ? It maintains that the world should be brought under, or reconstructed, the lordship of Jesus Christ in all areas: social, moral, political, judicial, military, family, art, education, and?music. Christian reconstructionists would advocate death for adulterers, abortionists, idolaters, murderers, homosexuals, and rapists. Moreover, Christian reconstructionists seem to have no problem to the return of slavery, in that some people were destined to a life of slavery and that socialism provides them a way out which impedes the free order of God’s will.

This movement grew out of Calvinism. It is an extreme radical methodology, not held by very many people. So to explain the troubling part and the concerns that this writer and others have is that when a religiously dominated society has control of family, moral, and governmental regulations, who is to govern the governors?

Which begs the question what about the founding fathers doctrine of separation of Church and State? When Ron Paul says this will be a “different approach,” to what end, and?with what result. Ron and Rand Paul know there is a huge block of voters who are discouraged with government and politics in general.

I see and hear comments all the time to “throw the bums out in both parties.” People seem to be eaten up with one conspiracy theory after the next. This venture would have an affect of indoctrination to the world as Ron Paul sees it. Many have labeled Ron and Rand Paul as kooks, racist, and politically opportunistic. What better way to expand your political agenda, social agenda, religious agenda, and lastly economic agenda to privatize everything, than to raise up good little Libertarians from birth.


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