From 5th Avenue to Walmart: GOP Brand Tanks

As a person who grew up around apparel I have seen clothing label brands explode, maintain, recreate ?themselves, and start all over and finally in ?this case [Members Only] sell the line into Walmart. What brought that vision back to me was the word tarnished. ? I was reading an article by Steve Benen entitled,?A tarnished brand is hard to overcome??.

With the 2014 elections ticking nearer, what will the GOP even look like? Who will be taking the snaps? Seems even a larger question might be Who is your leader now??

It was apparent from the results of the last two national elections that the GOP base could no longer win the election. Right now , Democrats are ?out front in several key Senate races in which the Republicans need six to take control. Then there is this recent PPP poll. [Public Policy Polling] Shutdown hurts GOP Senate Chances?there are some real bullet races.

  • In Georgia, voters oppose the shutdown 61/31, and it’s just another factor helping make this seat competitive for Democrats next year. Michelle Nunn is knotted with a generic Republican opponent at 42%.
  • In Michigan’s open seat race, Democrat Gary Peters leads Republican Terri Lynn Land 43/36. Voters are opposed to the shutdown by a 65/27 margin, and when voters are informed that Peters stood against the shutdown in the House his lead expands to 50/36.
  • It’s a similar story in Iowa’s open seat race- there Democrat Bruce Braley leads a generic Republican opponent 45/41. Voters are against the shutdown 64/27, and when voters are informed of Braley’s opposition his lead goes up to 7 points at 46/39.
  • In Louisiana, Mary Landrieu leads Republican challenger Bill Cassidy 48/41 for reelection. Voters oppose the shutdown 60/30, and 47% say they’re less likely to vote for Cassidy for the Senate next year because he supported it compared to only 32% who are more likely to. Landrieu’s lead grows to 52/42 when voters are informed of Cassidy’s position on the shutdown.
  • In Arkansas, Mark Pryor leads Republican challenger Tom Cotton 44/41. Voters there oppose the shutdown 59/32. When informed that Cotton supported it, 45% of voters say they’re less likely to support him for a move up to the Senate next year compared to just 33% who say they’re more likely to.
  • In North Carolina, Kay Hagan leads a generic Republican 47/42. Voters oppose the government shutdown 63/29, and when they’re informed that she opposed it as well her lead over a generic opponent increases to 49/41.

What an interesting thing to be on the look out for this coming 2014 election. Who are these Republicans? Should the Libertarians and Tea Party folks break off and form their own party? ?

After the 2012 results, it has become clear the often described radical right policies and platforms have backed ?them into a tight corner when it comes to voter demographics which begs the question; Who have they not alienated? Other than maybe the Tea Party types with their Citizen Untied, Koch Brothers, and the Donald Trumps of the world, the republican brand is in deed tarnished.

Tarnished is a fair word to describe ?the Republican brand right now based on polling. But denial right now seems to be the order of the day. But with 24 Billion Dollars of our tax dollars down the tubes this issue [Government Shutdown] will have a place in the 2014 elections. Those 18 Senate names will be under huge scrutiny by the press and the voters as well.

In Closing, Thom Hartmann on his show “Talk with Thom,” really does put things into perspective.

The Tea Party Cost Us 24 Billion for What?

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