Teacher: You Shouted Me Down Governor Christie – Now You Listen (VIDEO)

On November 2, in the final days of his campaign trail against Barbara Buono,?New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, showed his true colors with an angry condescending, finger-in-the face, tone at a teacher who was expressing her concerns. News of the confrontation, and a Twitter image, are spreading quickly throughout social media. The YouTube?video above is the elementary teacher,?Melissa Tomlinson’s, response to Christie, via?BadAss Teachers.

Reported by the Washington Post:

?Why,??a New Jersey teacher asked Gov. Chris Christie (R), ?do you continue to spread the myth that our schools and teachers are failing??

The teacher who asked this at a campaign rally in Somer’s Point on Saturday (ahead of Tuesday’s gubernatorial election in the state) is Melissa Tomlinson, an elementary school teacher who also runs an after-school program. Christie answered in his trademark Christie way: by yelling at her. He pointed a finger at her, as this picture shows, and shouted:

?Because they are!??He also said:??I am tired of you people. What do you want???


Photo Twitter:[email protected]

For full story:?WashingtonPost


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