14 Photos Of The Sad Reality Of Thanksgiving In ‘The Other America’

For decades, strewn across the television, movies, the internets, magazines, and books are visions of Thanksgiving that include a giant table, laden with food, with a huge and happy family sitting around it. On the table are warm candles that lend a glow to the occasion and the table is covered in all the trimmings that a traditional Thanksgiving would have. After enjoying the feast, the family lounges around laughing, warming by the fireplace, and watching football.

This is a wonderful thought and the visions warm us all. However, not everyone will have a chance at that picture-perfect holiday. The ever-growing number of low-income, poverty-stricken Americans see a different type of Thanksgiving. Some are just happy to have a warm place and a hot meal, and some are happy to receive a Thanksgiving donation for their family this Thanksgiving. Many are even sitting thousands of miles away from their families, eating turkey from a galley, sitting in the sand?in?their military uniform.

The following fourteen?pictures captures a Thanksgiving that America too often forgets. We thought to caption them, but the images speak for themselves. As you’re enjoying your dinner and your family, send thoughts to those who are less fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving, Liberal America.

Receiving Turkey

Getting Food Basket

Receiving Thanksgiving Dinner

Family Happy At Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen

Child Smiling At Soup Kitchen

Army Thanksgiving Dinner

Homeless Man's Thanksgiving

Outdoor Thanksgiving Soup Kitchen

Poor Man's Dinner

Needy DC Resident

Mother and Daughter Free Dinner Skid Row

Thanksgiving All Alone

Black and white poverty-children

2 Homeless men

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