Some Utah Boy Scouts Perform Historic Good Deed

Photo by @BjaminWood

Photo by @MattLyonSLC
Photo by @MattLyonSLC

Some rainbow handkerchief-wearing Utah Boy Scouts do a memorable random act of kindness.

Some Utah Boy Scouts?proudly wore rainbow handkerchiefs?while delivering pizza to county clerks helping make marriage equality happen.

Utah Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Lyon tweeted one of two photos of the scouts doing an historic good deed, according to his Twitter feed. Reporter Benjamin Wood tweeted the other photo.

Throngs of anxious newlyweds-to-be gathered at Salt Lake City and County Building. Equality Utah Board Chair Cliff Rosky spoke to a celebratory crowd outside the building just moments ago, according to its Facebook page.

[The court] ruled that same-sex couples?across this country?have the freedom to marry and that any law that would deny you that right is unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby denied Utah’s request for an emergency stay of issuing same-sex marriage licenses Monday, the Salt Lake City Tribune reports. Shelby claimed the state repeated arguments it raised in favor of Amendment 3, Utah’s gay marriage ban. The judge, according to, is a recent President Barack Obama appointee.

The state didn’t give up. It filed a stay request with the 10th Circuit Court in Denver, asking that gay marriages be halted until an appeals court decision is reached. The 10th Circuit Court denied that request Tuesday.

Acting Utah Attorney General Brian Tarbet reacted to the defeat in a statement. Unlike some media outlets, Tarbet believes an appeals court decision could come sooner rather than later.

The Attorney General’s Office hopes to have a response soon from the Tenth Circuit Court with respect to the motion. We have done all we can up to this point and we will continue to pursue all avenues available to us.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican, wasn’t thrilled with the news. His statement, which is featured on the state’s Web site, is proof Herbert will continue the fight.

I want all Utahns to understand I am committed to advancing this issue through the judicial system as we work toward a clear and understandable resolution. I recognize that this is a highly emotional issue with people of goodwill on both sides of the debate. I encourage everyone to remain respectful of one another and of the legal process.

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