Buy Girl Scout Cookies, Piss Off The Religious Right


In the coming weeks you will see girls with tables loaded with boxes of cookies set up outside grocery stores and shopping centers. The annual Girl Scout cookie sale is here. Buy some cookies.

The Girl Scouts cookie sale is the single biggest fundraiser the Girl Scouts of America undertakes every year. The money funds the organization and the local scouting councils. The scout troops use this money to go on outings, fund projects, and go on field trips and camp outs. Girl Scouts programs teach girls about women who are leaders in the world so they can have positive role models to look up to. Girl Scouts is a great organization to support, so buy some cookies.

Girl Scouts need your support, because even this organization is under attack by radical religious fundamentalists. Articles have appeared on numerous fanatical Christian websites demanding a boycott of Girl Scout cookies. The reason? Because according to them, Girl Scouts promote abortion, prostitution, and the gay agenda. The source of this belief is a blog called The Eloquent Woman. There is a list of famous women who made historically significant speeches that cadet and ambassador scouts can learn about to earn their public speaking award. The list of notable women on this blog includes Sojourner Truth, Clara Barton, Margaret Sanger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Friedan, and Phyllis Schafly.

This is the damning proof that Girl Scouts are promoting a pro-gay, pro-abortion agenda to their girls; a website with a list of famous women that includes one of the most conservative women in America. Phyllis Schafly, the woman who campaigned to kill the Equal Rights Amendment, Phyllis Schafly, whose son runs Conservapedia and is in the process of rewriting the Bible because it’s not conservative enough.

The radical right however don’t want to leave girls without a club to belong to. Conservative blogger Jane Chastain suggests offering a donation on the condition the troop leader converts the girl scout troop to an American Heritage Girls troop. American Heritage Girls is an alternative to Girl Scouts that teaches girls to be pro-life, pro traditional marriage, and how to be good housewives and mothers the way God intended them to be. Someone needs to explain to Jane Chastain that donations with conditions attached are not donations, they’re bribes.

Girl Scouts provide positive experiences for girls and teach them about powerful women in roles of leadership they can look up to. They deserve our support. Buy some cookies.

Edited/Published by: SB