Paul Ryan’s New Budget Plan: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

paul ryan

Tomorrow US Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) will unveil his new House budget plan. The 204 page critique will focus on slashing federal programs such as Medicaid and Head Start, and outlining a plan to reform federal welfare programs. Ryan, who has never worked in the private sector and collected Social Security survivor benefits after the death of his father to pay for his public, taxpayer funded public university education, insists that the welfare system in the United States hinders the poor more than helps.

Designed to generate interest in the mid-term elections, the new budget plan is a clear critique of President Obama’s upcoming national campaign to address income inequality and reforms to lessen the gap between rich and poor. ?The War on Poverty: 50 Years Later? outlines eight areas that Ryan believes needs to be overhauled and includes food aid, health care, housing, veterans benefits, and education.

Ryan felt it necessary to release the budget plan early to counter Presidents Obama’s talking points on fighting poverty, and to also present the GOP alternative to Health Care reform. One statement the report makes on Medicaid is that it has little effect on patient health. Ryan’s report states that one of the main contributors to poverty in America is family structure, meaning people are poor because they are not part of two parent traditional families.

Democrats so far are skeptical of Ryan’s budget plan, claiming it’s more of the same slashing of safety net programs many poor working families in America rely on to meet monthly household expenses. The same safety net programs that provided Paul Ryan a comfortable living and the ability to afford a university education.

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