Hobby Lobby Is The Epitome Of Christian Hypocrisy.

Hobby LobbyThe Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, Hobby Lobby’s owners argued, forced them to violate their religious beliefs. But while it was suing the government, Hobby Lobby spent millions of dollars on an employee retirement plan that invested in the manufacturers of the same contraceptive products the?firm’s?owners cite in their lawsuit.?Hobby Lobby is the?epitome?of Christian Hypocrisy.

According to a report in?Mother Jones, Hobby Lobby had over $73 million dollars invested in its retirement plan with company’s who make contraceptives. These investments were active at the time the company filed its lawsuit against the contraception mandate within Obamacare.?The firm took issue with this provision claiming it?violated?their religious freedom and?proceeded to take the case to the?Supreme Court.[Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Inc]

The Issues From Both Viewpoints

Is this really about religious freedom? Is this case really about Pro Choice verse Pro Life? Are we seeing another confrontation between people’s rights to do what they will with themselves in spite of the morality views of other segments of society. Or, is this case about another major corporation welding its power against We The People?

Hobby Lobby’s main beef is that by paying for insurance that would cover abortions and birth control that it would violate the firm’s deeply help Protestant indoctrination. So, what the record shows is that, in earnest, it is okay to invest money for capital gain investments in abortion and birth control products, but to pay insurance for their employees to use these products goes against their religious beliefs. Once again,?Hobby Lobby is the epitome of Christian hypocrisy.

The Hobby Lobby Case Is Just One In a Storied History Of ?Big Business Using Religion To Take The Focus Off The Real Issues.

How better to garner support for your position than to get the ” little brown church in the dale,” all lathered up. Taking on the appearance of Godliness, but, in actuality, having dark motives and underlying intentions. As stated, we can skew the facts of this case in any direction you let your mindset take you. However, if corporations are in fact people, Hobby Lobby would be wearing ” two faces under one hat.” The mere evidence of investing money in companies that produce contraceptives and then denying its workers the right to insurance to use said products is once again the epitome of hypocrisy by Hobby Lobby.
Using the excuse of religious beliefs, to weasel out of certain government installed mandates is not new to politics. Ever since the loss of the 1964 election by senator Barry Goldwater, and the implementation of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Republican party shifted its focus to the social issues and the messaging of bigotry to get support for its candidates. Moreover, this agenda was also engaged by the Republicans’ long time supporters in America, ” Big Business.”
Hobby Lobby is simply using this tried and true method of combating the ongoing battle against the Affordable Care Act. Just like back in the mid-60’s when the GOP was losing election after election and they started to induce the old Dixiecrat’s [George Wallace Crowd?] into the party and later in the early 80’s the religious right zealots[Jerry Falwell Crowd], this firm’s goal is clear to this writer. Use the religious freedom clause, in the first amendment to justify not paying a constitutionally enacted law they feel hurts their pocket-book not their religious freedoms. It’s all about the power not the religion. Hopefully, the following video can bring some perspective to this issue.
Edited/Published by: SB