Oops He Did It Again! NSA’s Clapper Lied To Congress!



Here is a well known clip of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James R. Clapper lying to the people we elect, in our “representative Democracy” to oversee his agency.

To make matters even worse ?known plagiarizer Senator Rand Paul is left to make the argument for why DNI Clapper should be forced to resign, or be fired, and then prosecuted there is a problem. ?Every Democratic Senator should be “competing” with Rand Paul to see who can call for investigations, enforcement of oversight, and protection of our freedoms. But apparently they only feign surprise and outrage when they or their staffers are the ones being snooped on.

One of the many problems is that Senator Paul is able to discredit the entire Obama administration because of the out of control antics of our not-so-secret police in these United Police State(s) of America. It is correct that tying the NSA’s violation of the Constitution to IRS agents actually doing their jobs and trying to ensure that ?501c’s actually do social good and not politics have nothing to do with each other. But that’s politics. President Obama should start firing the heads of ALL of our ?(in)security agencies until we find people to run them who will respect the power of the people and obey both the intent and spirit of the Fourth Amendment.

Which brings us to THIS WEEKS revelation that in the above YouTube clip DNI James R. Clapper was lying.

Yesterday it was revealed that using a “loophole” in the law the NSA and CIA have been spying on Americans.

Two of the Senators Mr. Clapper lied to under oath released a joint statement yesterday:

It is now clear to the public that the list of ongoing intrusive surveillance practices by the NSA includes not only bulk collection of Americans’ phone records, but also warrantless searches of the content of Americans’ personal communications.?This is unacceptable. It raises serious constitutional questions, and poses a real threat to the privacy rights of law-abiding Americans.?If a government agency thinks that a particular American is engaged in terrorism or espionage, the Fourth Amendment requires that the government secure a warrant or emergency authorization before monitoring his or her communications. This fact should be beyond dispute. Senators Mark Udall (D-CO) and Ron Wyden (D-OR).?


The issue of our government weakening our Constitution cannot be minimized. ?The country was founded on the idea that power came from the people NOT from those who we either elected or hired to serve us. On the basest of political arguments it is simply bad politics for a Democratic administration to let a faux-Libertarian get to the “left” of what should be a common sense issue. To be even blunter to sit back, wring hands, and issue pronouncements is wonderful and President Obama is very good at that part of the job. However when Democrats lose seats in the House, lose the Senate, and when Secretary Clinton, a known Democratic neo-conservative, loses to any Republican with enough sense to pretend to care about Fourth Amendment rights at least as much as the Second Amendment then those of us who do really care about the Democratic Party and its principles need to be raising Hell!

Maybe the ticket in 2016 should be Wyden/Udall rather than Clinton/Someone Horrible?

Edited/Published by: SB