The REAL Reason Beard Popularity Comes And Goes — It’s Evolution

This week in science, a new study has developed the theory that beards may be a Darwinian selection.?

What does that mean?

It means that men’s beards may be guided by evolution, in a manner.

How this works is, when men having beards reaches a certain peak, the pendulum swings back the other way- meaning that beards become less attractive and cleanshaven guys are now back in vogue, so to speak. The study began in Sydney, Australia, and you can read more about it here.

The Study.

In the study, women and men were asked to rate different faces with four levels of beardedness. (Who would have thought that there are actually different levels of beardedness? The more you know!!)


It was found, based upon the people that were participating in the experiment, that the more rare a beard is, the more appealing it is and the same was found to be true for a clean shaven face.

When people jump on a bandwagon, joining George Clooney or Joaquin Phoenix, the value of the trend diminishes. In this case, the particular trend is beards, so, now because so many gentlemen have beards, the value of the beard has lessened and a clean shaven face is sought.

This is called “peak beard.

So, basically..

Basically, this means that, like we already knew about society, we are always following and changing trends because we see people like George Clooney having these things and we desire that.

However, now, rather than it just seeming to be a part of just trends, it is a bit of our genetic make up to seek what is rare and different.

So, bandwagons are bad things and go against evolution, is what I understand.

That’s all for this week in science!