Drudge Report Shows Photo Of Hillary, Asks If She’s ‘Holding A Walker’

hillary clinton people cover

What’s the first thing you think of when you see this People Magazine cover? There’s a swimming pool in the background, it’s outside, and it shows a vibrant Hillary Clinton. Most people, without even blinking, would know that the former secretary of state is leaning against a poolside chair.

The heinous and zero-credibility right-wing-nut news outlet The Drudge Report?– yet another creation by an uneducated Republican –?has a different take on the image:

drudge report hillary clinton

Know what I think? Our future POTUS is looking better than ever and that’s killing the right wing. But let’s just say any political candidate — Hillary Clinton or anyone else — DID use a walker? Does that lessen their ability to lead?

We already had misogyny, let’s add ageism to the right wing toolbox.

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