‘Congressman, Are You Googling During This Debate?’ Yep, He Was (VIDEO)

rangel debate
Screengrab via YouTube


rangel debate
Screengrab via YouTube


We have our “Democrats Who Disappoint” category for these kind of faux pas. It’s not that we aren’t loyal to our peeps — it’s just that…well…we have to stay on our toes in our movement and Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) disappointed us with this stunt.

The 22-term incumbent congressman was participating in a televised debate on Friday when he whipped out his iPad to look up his own Congressional voting record to show to his opponent Adriano?Espaillat. Host Diana Williams realized what he was doing and asked him, aghast:

?Congressman, are you googling during this debate??

He stammered and said that he just wanted to show Espaillat his voting record, and Williams reminded him that “it’s not fair” because the other men in the debate didn’t have their own electronic devices.



This isn’t the first time he’s pulled a questionable stunt, either. Rep. Rangel staged a fake phone call not long ago. See this video:

Come on, Rep. Rangel. Get with the program or step aside and let someone else take the reins. This is embarrassing to all of us, not least of all your constituents.

The troubling thing is that there are Liberal Americans who will criticize me for criticizing Rep. Rangel, as they do everything I call a Democrat to task. I’m sorry folks, but this kind of stunt from one of our own is reprehensible. It brings us down to the level of the right. Let’s hold our guys to higher standards.

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