Fox Sinks Incredibly Low With This Attack On Neil deGrasse Tyson (VIDEO)

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson
The Fox News channel recently had a guest with some interesting things to say with an attack on Neil deGrasse Tyson when on an episode of Greg Gutfeld’s?Red Eye.?The guest, Gavin McInnes, was a co-founder of Vice,?which he left in 2007 due to so-called “creative differences.” He’s also a fantastic example of walking, talking human excrement. If you want a great example of modern misogyny and rape culture, look no further — guys like him are exactly the problem. And the war on women isn’t his only battle; apparently, he’s a strong proponent of the war on science, too.

The following video is an excerpt from Fox’s June 3rd edition of?Red Eye, courtesy of Media Matters for America:

In the video, host Greg Gutfeld gets pretty angry about Tyson’s statement that:?”My great fear is that we have, in fact, been visited by intelligent aliens, but they chose not to make contact, [based] on the conclusion that there’s no sign of intelligent life,” making a reference to some of the ridiculous things we put on television.

He goes to mention specific shows created before we were even aware that our signals go out into space — I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, guessing?that aliens will end up learning “how men and women treat each other” by watching early TV.

In my own opinion, they’re more likely to be scared off by other things — what kind of “intelligent” life allows millions to die through greedy logistics, or systematically massacres each other for energy resources buried in the ground when functionally infinite energy falls from the sky? In any case, Mr. Gutfeld took issue with it, saying:

I don’t know what’s worse; him ragging on some classic American television, or Christopher Hayes laughing, giggling, chortling, over really, really bad jokes.

Well, if by “ragging on some classic American television,” you mean “pointing out the casual misogyny represented in the history of our culture as seen in early television,” which is what he was doing, it seems difficult to find out what’s so bad about that. Of course, the interjection of “giggling” (put in the quote above for convenience, although it is stated by someone other than Gutfeld) is meant to subtly emasculate Mr. Hayes, playing to the conservative base of Fox News; obviously they are no strangers to sexism.

And it also needs to be pointed out that we’ve sent out quite a few other things by now, as well, that should be taken into account — late-night infomercials with seemingly inept human beings unable to accomplish the simplest of tasks without household items priced at $19.95,?Keeping Up With The Kardashians,?as well as dozens of movies and shows?depicting the mass slaughter of alien beings in myriad ways.

It doesn’t stop there, though, with Gavin McInnes going on to state the following:

I HATE this guy. I remember hearing Chris Hardwick on a podcast talking about Neil deGrasse Tyson and he was just salivating. White liberal nerds love this guy so much. He could defecate on them like Martin Bashir’s fantasies and they would dance in the streets.

That’s pretty graphic, to say the least, and says something troubling about McInnes’ thoughts on how love should be demonstrated. But yes, nerds of all colors are rejoicing at the?Cosmos?return under Tyson — after all, scientific literacy in our country is depressingly low, and the right wing religious war on education in this country has resulted in massive misinformation campaigns.

Keep it up, Mr. Tyson. If you’re pissing them off, you’re doing something right.

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