Darrell Issa Thinks IRS Acted On White House Wishes In Alleged Coverup

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). Photo from Wikimedia Commons.


Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). Photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA). Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Darrell Issa is everything the average American can’t stand about politicians. He’s rich, he’s corrupt, and he’s a liar. I’ve covered his previous criminal endeavors in-depth before for Young Progressive Voices. Now, somewhat ironically, Issa is the Committee Chairman for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and has led the IRS congressional investigation. Now, Issa is on record stating he believes the IRS was acting on the orders of President Obama.


Despite the fact that evidence has shown that progressive groups were flagged as well, conservatives maintain that the decreased level of scrutiny (100 percent of Tea Party groups versus 30 percent of “progressive” groups) indicates some level of vast conspiracy, coming down from the Commander-in-Chief himself. ?Depending on the type of tax exemption groups feel they qualify for, certain levels of political activity are allowed, which muddies the waters and makes it harder for IRS officials to conduct investigations. For example, 501(c)4 designated groups can engage in political activity, provided it isn’t their primary purpose. That means they can advocate for issues, but not candidates, and social welfare must be their primary objective.

According to Issa, the IRS, the Justice Department, and the White House are all engaged to cover up evidence that conservative groups were targeted for expressly political purposes. He says, “I believe the Justice Department, the IRS, and the White House are interested in [Lois Lerner] succeeding in hiding what she’s hiding, which is her targeting of conservative groups based on their ideology in support of the President’s war on [Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission], a Supreme Court decision that he didn’t like.”


Somebody should let Issa know it’s Americans that oppose the Citizens United decision, not just Obama; according to a recent poll, more than three quarters of Americans are in opposition to the decision, including 72 percent of Republicans. In addition, only 36 percent of Americans feel the current Supreme Court makes decisions based on law. Instead, they believe the Supreme Court is motivated by politics and personal opinions. Interestingly, even more Republicans hold that opinion than Democrats — 62 percent versus 54 percent, respectively. It makes sense that Issa is out-of-touch with regard to money in politics. After all, as a corrupt congressman worth over three hundred million dollars, he has a vested interest in fighting against campaign finance reform.

You can find video of Issa’s comments during an appearance on Fox News here.

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