A Journalist Interviews A Bunch Of Racist Rednecks

A journalist visited the great state of Mississippi to interview some folks. Bear in mind, Mississippi owns the honor of being the poorest state in the union and is winning the race to the bottom in important?areas such as healthcare, unemployment, and education. The responses were spectacularly ignorant.

I’m not even going to give you guys a commentary on this. I’m just gonna let you watch it. But a few key takeaways:

“Adam and Ever, not Adam and Steve.”

“Family orientated (sic)”

“I don’t like him. One thing, his name’s Obama.”

“Our president should be American, not Muslim.”

“It’s not cuz he’s black, it’s cuz he’s a half-breed. He’s black, too, but he’s a half-breed.”

“I guess I”m a little prejudiced. “

“I get food stamps but I think I deserve them because I’ve got no unemployment.”

“The economy will take care of itself if you put God back in the saddle.”

“We would rather go broke and die hungry than give up our moral beliefs.”

“We lost the war, that’s true, but we’re not gonna be pushed around.”

“The South will rise again.”

No, I don’t really think it will. Never. But hey, GOP? Here’s your base.

mississippi racist rednecks
Screengrab via YouTube

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