Ralph Nader: ‘Democrats Can Win Big in 2014’


The man many Democrats love to hate, Ralph Nader is back! He was on MSNBC this week outlining how the Democratic Party could turn the difficult election of 2014 into a massive win. He was also writing for the?Huffington Post?earlier in August reminding those of us that the one thing Democrats do really well is defeat themselves. ?That piece was followed at the end of August with a follow-up article entitled The Democrats Are Doomed (Unless They Make the Minimum Wage the #1 2014 Election Issue).?Here is the video of Nader speaking on this issue:

Where he rightly points out that there are thirty million Americans making less today than in 1978 inflation adjusted dollars! Imagine if we got those voters excited about voting along with their extended families and/or their churches! The voter suppression and gerrymandering of the Republican Party would be irrelevant. This Blue Wave would change our country and the last two years of President Obama’s administration. We would no longer have to say, “What if?” We could instead see what this President believes in and wants to do.

The real question we should be asking ourselves is this:

“Why aren’t Democrats ?running on this?”

Are Democratic politicians so divorced from “poor people” ?that they no longer have the sense to ask for their vote? Much less work for the right to deserve that vote? Mister Nader’s first article in August was the more truthful one. Republicans don’t have to work to beat Democrats. They beat themselves.

Before you write off Ralph’s idea of making $10.10 a major campaign issue see what Robert Reich has to say about why even that number won’t do much to put our economy back on track and what he thinks the minimum should be set at:

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