Fox Host: We Need ‘An Older White Guy Appreciation Day’

Tucker Carlson on “Fox And Friends Sunday” agreed with Dana Perino: old while dudes aren’t getting enough credit.

“It’s been beaten into our heads: You’re too old, you’re too white, you’re too male. And that is true demographically across the board,” Perino said.


She went on to say that young Republicans “gave up their entire summers to help older white guys get re-elected and they deserve a little credit.”

Carlson weighed in saying:

“We need an older white guy appreciation day. I think they’ve done a lot for this country.”

As a reminder, Tucker Carlson is the guy who lost his job when Jon Stewart made him his b*tch. So he definitely feels under-appreciated.

So, it appears they want a Republican Appreciation Day. It’s clear that the Fox hosts are concerned with demographics and they should be.

In Georgia for example, the demographics are shifting and not to the GOP’s favor.

But on Tuesday, a judge denied a petition from civil rights advocates to force Georgia’s Secretary of State to process an estimated 40,000 voter registrations that have gone missing from the public database. I’d call that an “older white guy appreciation day.”

Watch courtesy of Media Matters: