A Tale Of White Privilege

When faced with the unimaginable, people find it easier to believe the improbable and often refuse to see the truth of the situation they are facing. We are living in a time when our collective perceptual blindness?is wearing off. ?The situation today we are living through is a period that potentially could be the beginning of realizing our police state is broken and ineffective. Real criminals destroy our economy, our environment, rig voting machines, and kill us with poisonous products?while?at the same time they steal our wealth by getting tax dollars to subsidize their criminality! We must understand most importantly that the police work as primarily revenue generators for the cities they work in. They are investigators of low level socially irrelevant crime. In addition, they act as a military force to keep the poor and powerless from rebelling.



SEGMENT TITLE: Bill seeks outside prosecutor for police-involved killings.

The video segment featured on the Rachel Maddow Show mentions what, to me, was the most important quote from the first day of the Ferguson Grand Jury proceedings. An assistant prosecutor who would be tasked with presenting the evidence to the grand jury was introduced in this manner: “…she has been working with the police and lots of other things on this since the beginning.” Words matter. Someone “working with the police” is not qualified to present an unbiased case. But too many “white folk” and a few rich “black folk” because of their perceptual blindness, because of the class bubble they live in, refuse to see that the system is rigged.

It is also apparent that this prosecutor was unable to be unbiased or even honest. ?On The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell, revealed a devastating piece of information that the prosecutor had presented the grand jurors with an “old law” that had been found unconstitutional over twenty years ago!

The point Mr. O’Donnell makes which needs to be repeated is this, “The law she was using to justify Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown has NEVER been the law during her entire legal career!” Think about that. This means she had to go research to find a law that justified the shooting, which means she would have known the law had been found unconstitutional, and she decided to present that law as fact in spite of that knowledge! Our system is broken.

There is a feminist theory called The Freudian Cover-up which states that Sigmund Freud when confronted with so many “crazy” women telling him about physical abuse from their fathers, husbands, or others simply decided that the women were wrong. That they had to be “making it up.” His worldview would not allow him to believe or see that his society would allow people to suffer this way, to live in such subjugation. ?Much like DA Bob McCulloch decided which witnesses were telling the truth and which weren’t. It seems the one witness who regards black people as “niggers” is a reliable witness but the young man whose home Michael Brown was living in at the time was not. Perceptual blindness or Freudian Cover-up? The end result is the same people in the system keep having to go further and further into absurdity to rationalize bad behavior because to do otherwise would force them to acknowledge decade upon decade of violence and crime committed upon the poor and other disenfranchised persons. ?And I am sure we all remember Voltaire’s admonition about ‘absurdities.’

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” Voltaire

We are now living in an era where we are lucky to be aware of the police atrocities against us, the people. What we do with that information is important. And it isn’t just the seemingly endless acts of police criminality that are NEW. It has become public that even the reported?rate of police shootings is under reported by as much as forty-seven percent. Only twenty percent of those murdered by police were found to even have a weapon of any kind and only eight percent of those had even attempted to use that weapon! I would like to add that the Supreme Court decided a long time ago that you have the right to defend yourself from an illegal arrest using deadly force so that eight percent may not be justifiable homicide but rather self defense on the victim’s part. ?So the average four hundred people murdered per year by the police may actually be more like six hundred and that number may also be too low since they don’t even track some of the data that would allow us to have a clear picture of police violence.

This is a turbulent time. We can either accept what is, and in so doing, acknowledge that it will only get worse, or we can demand justice and accountability. How many more lives have to be lost before our “just-us” system that protects the powerful and privileged collapses under the weight of its own corruption? The time to speak out is now. The time to demand change is now. The time for revolution is now!

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