What If Bobby Jindal Actually Becomes The President Of America?

Although he is one of the biggest idiots in the world, although he has done more harm than good to his state, although he is anti-LGBT, anti-women, anti-science, and anti-common sense, Bobby Jindal?is a strong contender for the 2016 Presidential election,?and the worst part is that howsoever we may think that he cannot win the elections because of the person he is, the statistics suggest otherwise. There have been wide speculations that he is one person who has the best chance of becoming the next President of the United States. Bobby Jindal won a widespread majority in his own state (Louisiana) twice, and is one of the most preferred among the Republicans. Furthermore, as per the mid-term elections results, there is a clear shift of voters in favor of the Republicans. So yes, it may seem dreadful but it’s a fact that as per the current scenario, BOBBY JINDAL MAY ACTUALLY BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA IN 2016.
Imagine this racist, dumb radical as the President of America! Photo Credits: Wikimedia.org
So I imagined an America where an idiot Christian radical like Bobby Jindal is the President. This would be something as follows:
1.?????? The morning assembly would start and conclude with some prayer like ?Oh Jesus! May Christianity rule the Earth?.? Instead of the national anthem.
2.?????? Mathematics, Science would be secondary optional subjects and the study of the Bible, Morals, etc. would be primary subjects.
3.?????? Students would be taught God created the Universe instead of Big Bang.
4.?????? Sex education would be abolished because it is immoral and girls and boys would either be studying in different sections or different schools altogether.
5.?????? Students would be taught that storms and earthquakes are a result of sins and not believing in God.
6.?????? Similar to the Middle-East, apostasy or atheism would be preached as the worst sins in the world punishable with a long term of torture in hell.
1.?????? Abortions would be illegal (No doubt about that at all).
2.?????? Contraception would be illegal since it’s unnatural.
3.?????? Women would have 20 kids on an average like Mrs. Duggar because according to Christianity, it’s a sin not to allow your husband to make love with you and it’s a sin to use contraceptives. So, women would be popping out a child every 9 months.
4.?????? Marital rape would be legal. According to Christianity, pre-marital sex is a sin but once married a husband has every right over her wife’s body and a wife has every right over her husband’s body. It’s a sin to leave the other half in heat. Thus, there is no possibility of marital rape in Christianity. So it would be legal as it is on more than half of the world.
5.?????? The feminist revolution would be crushed. Totally crushed. Because according to Christianity, women should be submissive to their husbands (search Google for this) and assist them for the grace of god.
1.?????? LGBT community would be forced into heterosexual marriages or subjected to ethnic cleansing.
2.?????? Every person would be allowed a gun. Well, that is already a law in his state but its abuse will reach an all-time high.
3.?????? Christianity would be the official religion of the America and all other religions would be abolished.
4.?????? Similar to the ?Religious Freedom Restoration Act? of Michigan, a nation-wide discriminatory act would be passed that would make it clear that if any person dares not to follow Christianity, he will be denied medical care, housing, employment, etc.
5.?????? Pre-Marital romantic relationships of any sort would be strictly banned.
6.?????? The American adult entertainment industry would be banned.
1.?????? Any non-Christian would be denied medical treatment.
2.?????? Actually, medical treatments would be confined to exorcisms rather than scientific treatment because Christianity believes that all diseases are a result of evil forces.
3.?????? Those suffering from minor diseases may be killed from starvation as a result of exorcisms (Please check the Anneliese Michel case).
International relations and dispute management:
1.?????? America’s relations would sour with all non-Christian countries.
2.?????? A war would be waged with the middle-east draining half of the countries annual budget in military activities.
3.?????? All hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters would be blamed on the LGBT community and abortions.
Well, the above points are a very conservative estimate of what may actually happen. If you don’t believe this may happen, please check his videos on YouTube, read his prayer rally brochures, or just read what he says on any news website. I never understand how any American can even stand this person, but the fact is that he won by a landslide majority in his state and there is a very very high possibility that he may become the President of America if the Republicans win in 2016. And if that happens, America will become worse than Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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Karan is a humanist and a serious Bernie Sanders supporter who is really really scared that if (god forbid) the Republican wins, it's impact on his part of the world would be a disaster. The 2016 polls might be a debate of bread and butter for Americans. For him, it's a question of life and death.


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