Richard Dawkins Reads ‘Fan’ Mail And Hilarity Ensues

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science recently added another video on YouTube that has Mr. Dawkins reading emails sent to him from some of his most ardent critics.

Richard Dawkins

Recorded in April of 2014, hilarity ensues as the mild-mannered Author and Professor of Evolutionary Biology reads what many of his ?fans? really think about him. Filled with profanity, and some wishes for his death, it seems that many of the Religious Fundamentalists need a refresher course on their doctrine of?”love.”

From the first reading in this amusing video, the tone is set as Mr. Dawkins reads:

?I’m sick of hearing about your new theory of evolution. You may have evolved from monkeys but leave me out of it. Have you ever tried to make love to a monkey? I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if you have since sodomites are now running all our Universities. But either way, I hope you do get sodomized by satanic monkeys in hell. Sincerely, a created daughter of our Lord.?

The next reading is even more entertaining because, while it is layered with a slew of F-bombs, the end reads, ?God Bless.? As the death wishes soon follow, you can almost feel the love oozing from the screen.

While you may not agree with Richard Dawkins and his theories, it’s quite amazing that so many religious believers feel the need to write him such hate-filled messages. Maybe they have nothing better to do. Better yet, maybe it’s a form of lashing out for lack of true faith in their own convictions.

Either way, this type of hate towards an opposing belief reminds me of certain ideologies we are fighting around the world. After all is read though, Richard Dawkins takes it all in stride, showing the true gentleman that he is.


Tiffany Willis Clark is a fifth-generation Texan and the founder and editor-in-chief of Liberal America and An unapologetic member of the Christian Left, she had a long and successful career actively working with at-risk youth, people struggling with poverty and unemployment, and disadvantaged and oppressed populations. She’s passionate about their struggles. In 2011, she made the decision to pursue her dreams and become a full-time writer. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter, and like her Facebook page.