One Tweet Has Us Wondering, Is This The New Ghostbusters Lineup?

This afternoon Paul Feig, famed director of Bridesmaids and current director for the Ghostbusters remake, tweeted out this teaser:

There has been speculation for some time now about what path the new Ghostbusters movie will go. Making a bold choice to cast all females for the leads ruffled a lot of feathers last year. With this new tweet, however, we are starting to see just how amazing the reboot will be.

The leading ladies are: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. Wiig and McCarthy were leads in?Bridesmaids?solidifying their comedy credentials. McKinnon and Jones are both current cast members of Saturday Night Live?and are two of the stronger comedians within the group. The tweet has set off a flurry of responses

The casting choice is stellar and sure to do great things with the franchise. Now, will we ever get an answer if Dana and Peter lived happily ever after?


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