Huge Winged Creature Attacks Super Hero In Oregon

Rachel Maddow's Owl Warning Sign. Courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.
Rachel Maddow's Owl Warning Sign. Courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.
Rachel Maddow’s Owl Warning Sign. Courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.

Something was wrong, very wrong. Dr. Ron Jaecks was running through the dark in Bush’s Pasture Park located in Salem when a sharp pain at the top of his head made him feel as if he was having a stroke.

The doctor?thought he was dying.

“It was like a huge electric shock ran through my body, but also like I got hit in the head with a two-by-four all at the same time,” Jaecks said. “Or maybe a strike of lightning.”

Was he being attacked? Jaecks ran faster, trying to outrun an attacker to no avail. The pain became so intense, he began running in circles, screaming. Maybe it was an aneurysm affecting his brain?

Jaecks made it to the?Rachel Maddow Show?amid a fair amount of laughter on TV and from me. None of the above is funny. So what is the deal?

It seems the good doctor finally realized a huge winged creature was attacking him. So, he called?David Craig, a biology professor and animal behavior specialist at Willamette University.

“I called David and described what had happened,” Jaecks said. “He immediately said it was either a barred owl or a great horned owl.”

Great horned owls are birds of prey and have a wingspan of five feet. Their talons can reach up to eight inches long. An attack isn’t funny.

Of course it is unexpected. You don’t just see big bird attacking a runner every day. So maybe it does look a little funny. But what does all this have to do with Rachel Maddow?

Well little did the owl know, but Jaecks is a super hero. Mild-mannered Ron Jaecks spends his days working as a general surgeon. However, on Sundays Superfan emerges wearing a green and gold Green Bay Packers suit sans helmet – unfortunately.

Super Fan Dr. Ronald Jaecks. Image Credit: Dr. Ron Jaecks.
Super Fan Dr. Ronald Jaecks. Image Credit: Dr. Ron Jaecks.

His outfit includes green tights and yellow underwear (on the outside, of course). He also sports a yellow cape and knee-high boots.

Jaecks was the ?super fan? for the Northwest Packer Backers. Somehow, a caped fan beating off an owl is sort of funny after all. He wasn’t wearing the cape when he was attacked. However, he was running so that he could fit into his caped suit.

This is why the owl-attacked man ended up on the Rachel Maddow Show in his little tights.

The the wildly creative Maddow people designed a beware-of-owl sign. Now that is funny.

Maddow has also opened up?a contest?to her TV fans. We are all free to build a better beware-of-owl sign.

Oh okay. I admit it. I was attacked by the humor of the situation and couldn’t resist entering the contest, too. After some thought though, maybe I should have designed a Beware-of-Super-Fan sign.

Check out Maddow’s segment below!




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