6 Pressing Questions Left After The Hillary Clinton Press Conference

I watched Hillary Clinton hold her first press conference in two years. She looked presidential. Now while I am not 100% crazy about her, I really, really, want a woman president.

Hillary Clinton Answers Questions on Email Controversy  FULL    The New York Times   YouTube

I mean, come on! These are just a few of the countries that have had women presidents: Egypt, Mongolia, Argentina, Malta, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Guyana, Argentina, Lithuania, Kyrgzstan, Kosovo, and Croatia.

If Mongolia and Sri Lanka can elect a woman president, surely we can, too.

Now at her news conference, Clinton addressed women’s rights. This is a cause she has fought for since she was the First Lady. Then she discussed the ill-considered letter from 47 Senate Republicans to Iran.

But those two world-changing topics fell by the wayside as she spoke about her private email server. Yeah, emails are so much more important.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports?said that she had never seen such a press turnout at the United Nations, where Clinton held her news conference.

In spite of her carefully crafted talking points, Clinton left us with some unanswered questions.

1. Why Did The Turkish Reporter Get Called On First?

I would think that she might have called on a woman first given Clinton spoke at the 59th Commission on the Status of Women. If not a woman, couldn’t she at least have called on a native political reporter? Sure the press conference was held at the United Nations. But pre-presidential Clinton was addressing issues specific to the U.S.

2. Why Did Clinton Wait 2 Weeks To Talk About Her Emails?

Nature abhors a vacuum. The longer Clinton waited to respond to our questions, the more time people had to make up not-so-pleasant answers about her email, and wonder if she is hiding anything. The untimely handling of Clinton’s emails makes me think that her communications people are still buried in the last century.

3.?Why Did She Delete All Of Her Private Emails?

Emails are the equivalent of the countless letters and correspondence of former presidents and first ladies. Why would Clinton, who probably will be both a president and first lady, want to destroy these important links to her place in history?

4. Why Not Carry 2 Phones?

Clinton said it was more convenient. But that sounded weak to me. I think she did it so no one would be able to access her private thoughts and use them against her. She’s been a moving target for a long time.

5. Did She Break Any Laws?

Well, no. But President Obama didn’t seem very happy about it. When asked by reporters when he found out about her email server, he said that it was the same time as everyone else heard the news. Obama had a policy that all staff use the secure government emails.

Clinton made her State Department Staff follow that guideline. So why did she think she was exempt?

6. Will This Affect Clinton’s Presidential Run?

Yep. Everything she does and doesn’t do, everything she says and others say about her will affect her campaign. The GOP machine has long planned for this attack. They want a Republican president so that all of us can live in Women-Are-Less-Than-Men Land.

So Clinton’s press conference left us with as many questions as she answered. Will this foretell her campaign to come? Good question.



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