Black Man Drops A Truth Bomb On Chicken Hawk Conservative

Over the years I had heard many stories concerning atrocities visited upon blacks by whites in just the past hundred years. Black babies being fed to alligators in Florida, the brutal and demonic mutilation and murder of Jessie Washington in Waco, Tx.? The killing of individuals is always tragic, but what’s even more tragic is?the killing of dreams. The selective memory and arrogance of conservatives makes me want to hate them, but that’s when I remember that hatred led us down this path to begin with.

The story that that Quanell X shared in an episode of “Face Off” a local Fox news segment, absolutely floored me.? Quanell dropped a truth bomb that Matt Patrick and people like him refuse to acknowledge. Many will say that Quanell unnecessarily made this a “race issue,” but when our schools refuse to teach us the real American history, what choice do men like him have?

I was aware that there was once a vibrant black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma known as “Black Wall Street,” but I was unaware of the dark chapter in this nation’s history that may have set the stage for the struggles we see today in many black communities. Watch this video and judge for yourself.

For those thirsty for more knowledge of this dark chapter in American history here is a documentary on it. Please share and never forget.