NOT The Religion Of Peace — Atheist Woman Obliterates Mentally Ill Muslim Shrill

Is Islam really the religion of peace? Now truth be told, I can’t consider myself religious. If someone asks, I probably say that I’m a Christian. It’s just habit. I suppose I should be more honest, but seriously I just don’t want to deal with hassles from touchy-feely “oh let me save you in the Lord’s?name” types. They would whip out their holy book and start talking me to death. No thank you.

One thing that I always found interesting is that many liberals, even those who are atheists, will not touch Islam — aka the religion of peace — with a 10-foot pole. They will mock and rail against Christianity 24/7, but Islam…they kinda stay mum on. If they do come close to criticizing it, it’s only by equating it to “radical” or “fundamentalist” Christianity. Very few atheists go straight at Mohammad and the Qur’an?in the?the same way the go after Jesus and the Bible.

Maybe it has to do with conservatives and how they are absolute bigots when it comes to judging every single Muslim on the planet as a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer. The irony is that conservatives hate it when they are judged as racists and/or racist sympathizers for supporting the things racists support.

Anyway, this is a video reaction from a very charismatic atheist woman named Jaclyn Glenn. While I don’t share her beliefs, I am a huge fan of her free spirit and thinking. She’s responding to a video that a Muslim Qur’an thumper made about her. She dissects him with surgical precision and identifies his insanity for what it truly is. I think it’s time that other atheists and similar thinking rationalists take the time to address the growing problem of the so-called religion of peace. Because like Christianity, it has tremendous influence in our lives, and unlike Christianity, that influence may be growing not shrinking. Here’s the video, feel free to share.