Chris Christie News — He Bites The Hand That Feeds Him With Hypocritical Op-Ed

The latest in Chris Christie news.?What terrible timing for Chris Christie’s op-ed to run in The Wall Street Journal.

Chris Christie is now looking hypocritical at best; the focus of his op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal Tuesday morning is the need to cut taxes in America. This is coming the day after Americans learned just how Christie is spending tax payer money on food and booze.

Of course, true to GOP form, the details of his idea rests on the cutting of the taxes on the most wealthy and corporations while the plan for less wealthy Americans remains vague. He suggests cutting taxes by 10% for corporations while the best he could do for the rest of us is eliminating income taxes for those over 62 and under 21.

He also claims these cuts would be paid for by eliminating ?other programs? but fails to mention which other places he would take this money from. We could only guess, and it probably won’t be from any kind of corporate welfare. Two weeks ago in Chris Christie news, he mentioned raising the retirement age and cutting from Medicaid, so that should pretty well answers the question of who is going to pay the price for this economic growth.

Governor Christie is expected to elaborate more on this plan in New Hampshire this afternoon, but whether he will acknowledge his own frivolous spending of tax payer money remains to be seen.

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