Arkansas Family Receives Pizza With Racial Slurs Written Inside Box

An Arkansas family who ordered a pizza from a local Pizza hut were shocked when they got home and opened up the box. Inside, someone had written a racial slur, the initials “KKK,” and drawn a Nazi swastika.

Image Via Packaging-matters

Nineteen-year-olds Brian Reed and Somante Wallace ordered their pizza from the Pizza Hut restaurant in Benton, Arkansas, and quickly found the disgusting messages scrawled inside the box. Wallace’s mother,?Sierrna Harris, remarked:

?(I’m) speechless, really.?Why? What is the reason behind this??

Ms. Harris promptly called the restaurant and two employees were fired as a result of their actions in the incident.

In a statement issued to a local media outlet, Pizza Hut said:

“We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior and regularly train our employees to treat everyone fairly, equally and with respect. As soon as the local franchise owner found out about this he contacted the customer and apologized. We extend that sincere apology to everyone who was offended by this ignorant act.”

A Pizza Hut in Florida made the news earlier this month when employees found a message from a woman in the online section of her order. She said she and her three children were being held hostage by her boyfriend. The employees called police and the woman and children were quickly rescued.


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