WATCH: This Is NOT How You Clean A Shotgun


This is an older video but one that I’m sure many gun safety classes show to students.

Screengrab from Youtube.
Screengrab from Youtube.

The video is of a man doing some target practice in the woods using his shotgun.

As he pleasures himself by shooting defenseless plastic bottles, his shotgun suddenly jams. This apparently confuses the tea party supporter. He probably thinks to himself, “Shouldn’t this thing go BOOM and not click?”

To properly investigate the cause of this problem, this brain donor decides to sit the butt of the shotgun on the ground, and then he looked down the barrel.

That’s right. You read correctly. He looks down the barrel of a jammed shotgun.

Needless to say, the shotgun did more than just look back. It blasted his hat off almost taking his head with it.

People like this make a Darwinist’s head hurt, and tea party evangelicals proudly proclaim, “Ah Ha! See, told ya! Praise Jesus!”

Here’s the video:


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