How Does Donald Trump See The World? These Maps Explain It Perfectly


Chances are we all studied geography while we were in school. I still recall coloring maps with colored pencils and putting the names of different countries on maps the teacher would hand out to the class.

But does Donald Trump see the world the way we were taught it exists? Considering some of the incredibly racist things he’s said about Mexican immigrants, it seems highly unlikely. So let’s take a look at some maps the way the Donald probably sees them. It’s a much different view than most of us have.

The Americas


Clearly, anything other than the United States is not exactly seen in a positive light in Trump’s worldview. Be sure and avoid stopping over in Rape.

Europe, Africa, The Middle East


Yes, most of this is not his problem at all. At least he managed to get a couple of wives from this part of the world. They were probably the only ones who were so unfamiliar with the kind of person Trump is that they agreed to go on a date with him.


In Trump’s oddly configured brain, President Obama is from Africa and that’s about all he knows about this part of the world. Or all he cares to know.



Trump and Putin. Hmm. Yeah, I can see a very clear connection to these two. Both are tyrannical, don’t care who they offend, and are constantly at war with someone. Cousins, perhaps? Yes, I realize that is a huge insult to Putin, but I had to do it.


Everything Trump doesn’t immediately recognize in this part of the world must be ISIS. So Indonesia?becomes ISIS by default.



G’Day, mate! How do we know this about kangaroos and wigs? Well, if you doubt it, just take a look at the evidence…


h/t and all images: The Huffington Post