Trump Insults Jorge Ramos And The Mexican-American Community

Source: Grand Canyon National Park photostreams via

Source: Grand Canyon National Park photostreams via
Source: Grand Canyon National Park photostreams via

Donald Trump continues to be both brash and rude.

At an Iowa event on Tuesday, Donald Trump threw Jorge Ramos, a Univision anchor, out of a news conference after the journalist interrupted him, and pressed him on immigration. Within two minutes of Trump’s news conference the candidate and Ramos had a tense exchange of words. Jorge Ramos is one of the country’s most recognizable Mexican Americans. As Ramos stood and asked questions, Trump said,

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called, sit down. Sit down! Sit down!”

Trump then called on another journalist who had raised his hand. Ramos continued his questioning and said,

“I have the right to ask a question.”

Trump answered,

“No you don’t. You haven’t been called. Go back to Univision.”

The Univision anchor then said to the Republican candidate,

“You cannot deport 11 million people.”

Donald Trump had a member of security walk over to Ramos and direct him to sit down. When Ramos did not sit down, the the nation’s top Latino newsman was escorted out of the press room. While being escorted, Ramos repeated,

“I have the right to ask a question.”

Moments later Mr. Ramos was allowed to reclaim his seat in the front row, and the two men sparred heatedly about the issue of illegal immigration. Referring to Trump’s plan to wall off the U.S.-Mexico border and make the Mexican government pay for it, Ramos asked,

“How are you going to build a 1,900-mile wall?”

Noting his background in real estate development, Trump answered,

“Very easy. I’m a builder.”

When Ramos asked how Trump planned to deport everyone in the country who is here illegally, the billionaire businessman said he’d do it in a “humane way.” Trump added,

“I have a bigger heart than you do.”

As Ramos continued to press him during their five-minute exchange, Trump turned to the issue of crime, which he says is associated with illegal immigration. Alluding to illegal immigrants, Donald Trump declared,

“Listen, we have tremendous crime. We have some very bad ones.”

Trump has used crime as a issue in the immigration debate, often citing a killing in San Francisco last month in which the suspect had been deported five times. He eventually reminded Ramos he was suing Univision for dropping Trump’s Miss Universe pageant. This is a decision the network made after Trump described Mexican immigrants in the U.S. illegally as “rapists” and drug runners. “And some, I assume, are good people,” he added, as an afterthought.

Univision’s CEO Isaac Lee released the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

“We’d love for Mr. Trump to sit down for an in-depth interview with Jorge to talk about the specifics of his proposals.”

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