Bobby Jindal Made A Video Insulting Donald Trump And It’s Hilarious

The hilarious war between Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Donald Trump continues to heat up — and it’s completely hilarious!

Jindal is going after GOP presidential front-runner Trump — calling him narcissistic, ego-maniacal, and even making fun of his hair — and The Donald has retaliated exactly as we’d expect: with tantrums and insults.


It really sucks that I’m actually rooting for Bobby  Jindal in ANY match-up, to be honest. He’s as big an idiot as The Donald. But dang it’s hilarious.


What’s happening here, of course, is that Jindal’s polling badly and he’s trying to get a piece of the action by bringing in his own brand of crazy. Senior Jindal aide Curt Anderson admitted it! Here’s what he said in a press call last week:

[…] “everything you do in a presidential campaign is an attempt to grab headlines, I don’t know what else you’d do.”

Very undignified, eh? And these are our “leaders.”

Anyhow, the latest is this hilarious video that was put out by the Jindal camp. Again, I hate taking a side in this debacle, but dang this is hilarious. Enjoy the video.




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