A 5-Year-Old Shares Her Observations On The GOP Debate — PRICELESS!

francesca willis

A Daily Kos writer was brave enough to watch Wednesday’s disastrous GOP debate with her 5-year-old daughter, and the little girl’s reactions were spot-on — and adorable, of course. Here are her observations, transcribed verbatim by her mom.

First things first:

“Mama, are these people trying to destroy the country?” (I promise that did not say anything to invoke this reaction. My partner may or may not have yelled something to that effect as I turned the debate on). Daily Kos

Ted Cruz

“I like that guy’s face. It’s beautiful.”

“Now he looks like he’s going to cry”.

“Now he IS crying. Was he born like that?”

Marco Rubio

“Why are his eyes so fierce mama? He looks angry.”

Scott Walker

“Why does he look just like the guy with angry eyes?”

“Who is he angry at? No one should be that angry. Why do so many of them look just alike?”

Ben Carson

“Is that plane his? Is he President Reagan?” (The only President in her lifetime is African American so this makes sense to her.)

“He is a beautiful brown. I like him.”

And the next morning:

“Mama, I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he said a nice thing in a nice way when everyone else was so mean.”

When her mom said that it was about vaccines, the little girl replied “No, that was just silly.”

Donald Trump

“His face is too scary. His hair is too scary and his eyes are too fierce.”

Rand Paul

“He looks too silly!”

Mike Huckabee

“He’s scary too.”

“Why are they all so scary?”


“His hair is too pointy that way. Flat and pointy. How does he do that?” (gestures to the left)

Carly Fiorina

“She’s the prettiest. Is she married to the African American man? I like her hair. She has earrings and pink sparkling lipstick… But still her eyes are fierce.”

John Kaisich

“Uh… Uh… Why is he shiny? I like a lot of ’em, but not that guy.”

Chris Christie

“His mouth is too small for his face. He might be nice. But maybe not.”

And finally….President Obama

“I like President Obama best. He’s my president.”

Mouths of babes, eh? This little girl has a future in….well, just about anything she wants! Not likely politics, though. She’s just too dang honest for that. Love her!

The featured image is my little girl at that adorable and outspoken age (she’s now 20). I don’t have a photo of the little girl who made these comments. 

francesca willis

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