Maryland Cops Arrest Man, Threaten His Girlfriend Over Non-Existent ‘Breastfeeding Violation’

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Just how out of control are some police officers in this country? Well, in Charles County, Maryland, the answer to that question is self-evident.

DC Prophitt is a local artist. He was minding his own business when Charles County Sheriff’s deputies approached his car. The deputies mistakenly thought that Prophitt’s girlfriend was breastfeeding their baby in the vehicle, so they thought this would be a good time to harass innocent people doing nothing wrong.

In the video you see below, Prophitt is more than little annoyed by the actions of the deputies and let them know it.  One of the cops then decides to issue a citation to the couple for the non-existent “breastfeeding violation.” Prophitt again voices his opposition to the police. So one of the deputies warns him:

“You say one more curse word, you’re going to jail.”

Prophitt’s girlfriend then remarks:

“Can we just get the ticket and go? My daughters are in there.”

Out of nowhere, one of the deputies then grabs the woman and forces her to the other side of the car. He also threatens her with arrest.

Prophitt protests the way his girlfriend is being treated and is told:

“Now you’re under arrest.”

Exactly what did Prophitt do to warrant his being arrested? The deputy tells him:

“There’s a certain way to act in public my friend, and that is not it.”

WTF?! Are you freaking kidding me?

On Wednesday, DC Prophitt appeared in court and was found guilty of all the specious charges that had been filed against him.

Can someone please explain to me why some cops in this country seem to think it’s their job to harass and assault people who have done nothing wrong? Is this just part of the massive power trip some of them are on? In my opinion, you may have a badge, but that does not give you the right to act like a jackass when I’m not breaking the law.

I don’t have any problem with showing respect for those who enforce the law, but respect is a two-way street.

Watch the Video of This Encounter


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