S. Dakota Ammosexual Blames President Obama For Nephew’s Bomb-Making Arrest

This trip wire pipe bomb improvised explosive device (IED) simulator, used to train US military service personnel, is displayed in the US Army (USA) Training Support Center (TSC), USA Signal Command and Fort Gordon (USASC & FG), Fort Gordon, Georgia (GA).
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When police in South Dakota showed up at the apartment of Darren Kyle Zafft, they found enough guns to start a war and materials to make bombs. To be exact, there were 114 guns (some of which had been illegally modified) and various bomb components.

Clearly, obviously, this is the fault of Darren Zafft, right? Nope. According to a man who claims to be Zafft’s uncle, it’s all the fault of President Obama. He said this about his nephew’s arrest:

“They aren’t going after criminals; they’re going after guns. I blame Obama for this.”

Let’s see here: It’s illegal to modify guns in certain ways, which Darren Zafft did, and it’s also illegal to possess bomb-making materials and produce bombs in any form whatsoever. Yep, gotta be Obama’s fault. Where else would one place the blame?

Sam Clemens, a spokesperson for authorities in Sioux Falls, remarked:

“Dealing with these explosives that’s something we don’t normally do. We don’t know if he was putting these components together in the home or in another place; that’s one of the things we’re working on. This could have been a very dangerous situation.”

Keep in mind that Zafft lives in an apartment complex, meaning he was endangering the lives of everyone who lived in the same building. In fact, one of Zafft’s neighbors called police when she found a .22-caliber bullet casing inside a mattress belonging to Zafft and a woman who lived with him, identified as Jennifer Marie Cash.

Along with the huge cache of guns, police also found 10,000 rounds of ammunition, hand grenades, and $20,000 cash.

Zafft, who also has previous weapons charges, is being held on a bond of $1 million. Cash is being held on $5,000 bond.

Neither will be making any bombs or starting any revolutions anytime soon.

And to the man who says he’s Zafft’s uncle and it’s all Obama’s fault: Shut the hell up, moron!

Featured image by Wikipedia, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.


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