Cleavage War Between Susan Sarandon And Piers Morgan Has Gone Viral

A full blown cleavage war has gone viral between actress Susan Sarandon and talk show host Piers Morgan. It started with the stunning footage of Sarandon wearing a beautiful Max Mara suit at the SAG Awards. However, the look was topped off with only a black bra top underneath, drawing quite a bit of attention to her cleavage.

Normally, this would hardly raise an eyebrow at any awards, but some people had a problem with the fact that she chose such a revealing outfit for presenting the “In Memoriam” segment. Hollywood Life reported how angered viewers took to social media and insisted that Susan’s cleavage distracted from the solemn segment, and that she should have donned something classier.

Scroll down for the video of her SAG Award speech at the end of the article.

Soon British talk show host Piers Morgan, who has over 4.8 million followers, joined the protesters with a series of tweets about the inappropriateness of her outfit. Sarandon’s response? On Thursday, commonly known as Throwback Thursday in social media, she pinned a picture of herself from the film “Rocky Horror Picture Show” to the top of her Twitter feed, wearing only a bra, with the text:

“Today’s #TBT is dedicated to @piersmorgan”

This led a number of her followers, both men and women, from Canada to Uruguay, to post pictures of their own cleavages for support against body shaming, including both her and Morgan with hashtags like #cleavagegate and #cleavagesolidarity, which Sarandon retweeted on her wall.

Morgan’s reaction? A humorous response to Sarandon’s dedication with a dedication of his own, posting a #TBT picture of himself photoshopped as a Roman strong-man style in front of a fireplace. And with the cleavage selfies pouring in, Morgan’s followers were quick to point out:

“So ‪@piersmorgan has somehow managed to make feminists objectify themselves. Hate to say this but GENIUS.”

The cleavage debate doesn’t show any signs of slowing down at the time of writing, but the real concern here might be as pointed out in Stylist’s “Ask a feminist”-segment:

“What’s truly ridiculous is that nobody was commending Sarandon on her nomination for her role in “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” because they were more concerned with discussing her body.

Three claps for misogyny.”

Video of Susan Sarandon’s SAG Award Speech from Youtube. Permission to use under Creative Commons.

Featured image of Susan Saradon and her daughter at the SAG Awards screen capture from Youtube. Permission to use under Creative Commons.