You WILL NOT BELIEVE Who Can Now Legally Carry A Gun In Georgia

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As a native and resident of the state of Georgia, I know that we have a long way to go before we ever reach the level of maturity needed in order to be taken seriously on the national stage. Sure, we get some attention because of Atlanta and Savannah–two great cities–but we more often get noticed because of the stupid stuff we do.

For example, it is perfectly legal in the Peach State for a legally blind man to carry gun. Because hey, why would you need to be able to see in order to tote a piece?

David Bunch lives in the suburbs of Atlanta and lately has been making his neighbors very nervous because he just so happens to be blind, but he recently purchased a shotgun. He also owns a pistol.

Keep in mind that Mr. Bunch’s vision is so poor that the state took away his driver’s license. He is too blind to drive, but he can own, carry, and shoot a gun without anyone being able to say a damn thing about it. As his friend Eule Stewart recalled about driving Bunch to the store to buy his shotgun:

“He asked me what the gun looked like. I said, ‘Well, it’s a nice looking gun. You know, I’d like to have a gun like that.’ And he said, ‘I’ll take that one.’”

Stewart also said he asked Bunch what use a blind man could possibly have for carrying a gun, to which Bunch replied:

“Just for, like, close range. You jump on me, I’m going to get you off.”

Provided, of course, you give him plenty of notice and keep talking so he can locate where you are.

Those who live in the same town as Mr. Bunch will be glad to know one fact he shared with a reporter:

“I don’t tote one (a gun) to Walmart.”

Whew, what a relief that is! For a moment I was about to get worried about a blind man with a gun.

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