Stupidity At It’s Source: ‘Oath Keepers’ Say That Electing Hillary Clinton Will Cause A Civil War

An anti-government group, Oath Keepers, posted an article that was predicting the “weirdest outcomes” for the election, one of which was that electing Hillary would cause a civil war.

In case you are wondering…Oath Keepers are an organization of former police and military members that pledge the “oath” to protect the Constitution, not politicians. They fight things that they deem unconstitutional. They believe in arming the people and they are against warrantless searches.

They also call for new recruits on their website:

“Oath Keepers reaches out to both current serving and veterans to remind them of their oaths, to teach them more about the Constitution they swore to defend, and to inspire them to defend it. See below for details on how we do that. Oath Keepers also includes a membership program designated as “Associate Members”, which consists of patriotic citizens who have not served in uniform but who serve now by supporting this mission with their Associate Membership and volunteer activities. Oath Keepers welcomes our Associate Members and appreciates their support of our mission.”

They say that a Hillary win would “probably” result in a Civil War. They even said that a Trump presidency could cause a civil war if he exploits the rioting of “social justice cultists.”

Here is some of this ridiculous fear mongering from the article:

“I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if Hillary Clinton is chosen by the establishment to take Obama’s place, the result would probably be outright civil war in the U.S. The level of hatred among conservatives for that woman is so stratospheric I cannot see any other outcome. It might not happen immediately, but a solid bet would be conflagration within her first term.

With a Trump win, I could also see at the very least nationwide riots similar in tone to those that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, with the social justice cultists running wild with their goofy slogans and Molotov cocktails. These people are a paper tiger however, and are only a threat if they manage to convince a majority of the ethnic American population to follow their lead.”

This ridiculous fear mongering needs to stop. It doesn’t do anyone any good!


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