Grab A Tissue: Legally Blind 12-Year-Old Sees His Mom For The First Time (VIDEO)

Fifth grader Christopher Ward was left legally blind by a rare condition when he was still an infant. Despite his obvious ¬†barriers in life, his mother says it hasn’t dampened his spirits at all.

“He’s a joy to be around. He’s always happy, He’s never complained.”

Christopher is also clearly very bright; he does his homework assignments on a Braille typewriter and his math on an abacus.

When Christopher’s mother heard about new technology for the visually impaired called eSight glasses, a device that combines a high-resolution camera with the wearer’s own prescription lenses, she took her son to try them out. His reaction was priceless.

The new technology does not come cheap, however. The $15,000 price tag made them all but unattainable for Christopher and his family. When word got out about the funny, brilliant, sweet young man and his dream of having his eyesight back permanently, people came together to donate to his cause.

As of the time of this writing, Christopher and his mother have exceeded their $15,000 goal on their donation site on YouCaring,com. They have currently raised over $25,000!

Congratulations, Christopher!

See video of this story below:


Featured image screengrab via YouTube