Powerful Art Exhibit Highlights Horrific Way People Treat Rape Victims

Rape is one of the most horrific acts that one person can inflict on another. It becomes even worse when people shame the victim. There was a judge in Spain who told the rape victim that she should have closed her legs. Just this week, a Republican Missouri lawmaker, Tila Hubrecht, a woman traitor, said that pregnancy is the “silver lining” of rape while she was taking her constituents’ right to choose away.

One of the most disgusting reactions to rape from a politician involved the infamous “legitimate rape” quote. This idiot said that the woman’s body will “shut down” if the rape is “legitimate.”

One of the most DISGUSTING things many people ask is “what were you wearing?” Many people thinks that a girl wearing “skimpy” clothes was “asking for it.


If she is standing naked in the street, she is still not “asking for it!”

Fabulous photography student, Katherine Cambareri, 22, is using her senior project as a way to hit back at the victim blamers. She asked some sexual assault survivors to show her what they were wearing when they were assaulted. This disproved the theory that women wear “provocative” clothes when they get assaulted. The photos ranged from winter coats to gym shorts. The exhibit is called “What were you wearing?”

Cambareri said:

“Sexual assault is about power and control. There’s no correlation to what a person was wearing.” 

She also wanted to separate the survivors from the act. So she took pictures of the individual garments on a stark black background. The exhibit premiered at the school on April 29.

via mic.com
via mic.com

These photos have so much power. Hopefully, this will raise awareness of sexual assault and will defy those nasty myths that people still believe.

via mic.com
via mic.com

When the exhibit premiered, Cambareri said:

“Survivors from other countries have reached out to me as well. It has definitely expanded my perspective. [Sexual violence on campus] isn’t just an American problem.”

One critic accused her of taking pictures of modest clothing on purpose. All of the garments pictured were really worn by sexual assault survivors.

Featured image by Katherine Cambareri.

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