This Is The Real Reason Trump Bullies The Clintons And Their Marriage (VIDEO)

We all know Donald Trump (R-N.Y.) is no friend to women. You can view some of his horrifically sexist quotes in this list. The worst of the bunch:

“You know, it doesn’t really matter what [the media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

The Donald has been going after both Clintons. He may have labeled former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), as “Crooked Hillary,” but he hates her husband, President Bill Clinton, too. It is easy to see that Trump would rather be running against men. He’s like the schoolyard bully who is secretly afraid of women.

He is really an insecure male afraid of the head to head contest with Hilary.

The Donald doesn’t poll well with women. Blue Nation Review even launched the popular hashtag #WomenTrumpDonald. Here are some of the best tweets from this tag:

I love Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) even more after watching this video:

Back to the Clintons. Blue Nation Review writer, Peter Daou, said this about the power couple:

“Over the past decade, I’ve worked for both Hillary and Bill Clinton. I know how different they are, and each so exceptional in their own way.”

Here he recounts meeting Bill:

“When I first met Bill Clinton in his Harlem office ten years ago, I was struck by his ability to improvise and extrapolate on any topic, to reel off statistics with enviable ease, peppering his impassioned views on progressive issues with a staggering array of facts and figures.”

Here he talks about Hillary:

“On a Sunday morning ten years ago, a week after I joined Hillary’s team, there were reports of trouble in Lebanon (where I grew up). When my phone rang early that morning I wasn’t sure what to expect. It wasn’t a family member or a friend. It was Hillary Clinton, calling to make sure my relatives were OK. We spoke briefly and I hung up stunned at the empathy and compassion from someone I had met only a week before.”

Trump will likely sling a lot of mud during this election because he doesn’t know how to face off against a woman with dignity.

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