This Marriage Proposal At The London Pride Parade Will Melt Your Heart


This weekend was the end of the two-week-long Pride Festival in London. There were parades and many other events. Skittles actually released their own Pride design for the parade.

This was not the only sweet moment going on at the festival (pun intended). A police officer in the London Pride parade stopped and proposed to his boyfriend right there on the spot. The picture is going viral.

Another couple also got engaged in the middle of the parade as well.

The reactions of the fellow parade goers were beautiful.

The London Metropolitan Police Service launched an LGBT network just one week before the Pride parade. The staff association said they are:

“…helping to create a more knowledgeable workforce that can respond to and address crimes or issues affecting members of the LGBT community sensitively, effectively and with confidence.”

Anton Brown, Chair of the Network, said this about it:

“The Met had been lacking in a LGBT staff association for a number of years and after a lot of hard work the Network was finally launched.”

“The new staff association will represent LGBT matters in the Met, promoting recruitment and delivering training to LGBT liaison officers. It will also provide access to local and national events, promote reporting and provide support to members who have suffered LGBT crimes or bullying.”

Same-sex marriage was legalized in England and Wales in 2014. Over 15,000 couples have gotten married since.

Peter McGraith and David Cabreza were one of the first couples to get married when it was legalized. They had been together 17 years before that. McGraith said:

“I don’t think things have changed for us in many ways, we were already in a long-term relationship, we already had two kids, except the visibility of gay marriage across the world starts to make a difference.”

“It was very overwhelming. Getting married was about creating a stability and having that option to have a family and I’m now no different to my brother, my neighbours or my friends.”

I just love to see beautiful moments like this. Hopefully, this kind of tolerance will spread to our country as well.

Featured image via Twitter.

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