WATCH: Trump’s Ideas Are So Unconstitutional The ACLU Is On High Alert

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has begun to count the many ways that Donald Trump (R-N.Y.) would violate the Constitution if he were elected president and actually do the things he says he is going to do.

Yesterday, the ACLU unveiled their Trump Memos to keep track of his stupidity. The report has an outline of his ideas broken into six categories including immigration, discrimination against Muslims, abortion rights, mass surveillance, torture, and press freedoms.

The ACLU’s Executive Director Anthony Romero said, according to the Huffington Post:

“‘By our analysis, the Trump administration would violate’ a number of constitutional provisions.”

He is ready to go on Trump:

“It would be a constitutional battle that would roil for years.”

For instance, the report has this to say about Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims in the country:

“But there has never, even during the period of racial exclusion, been an immigration ban on the basis of religion. In part, this likely reflects the priority of religious neutrality since the nation’s founding.11 In contrast, the Supreme Court did not formally recognize a right to equal protection against the federal government until 1954.12 Therefore, even under the now-dubious precedents regarding racial exclusion, a ban on Muslims would be unconstitutional.”

The report said this about his Mexican border wall:

“The border wall idea also raises serious concerns about civil rights abuses in border communities, which are among the safest in the nation and want no part of Trump’s wall fantasy. A border wall would exacerbate the current wasteful militarization of our southwest border that daily confronts border residents going to school or work with checkpoints, roving patrols, almost 20,000 heavily armed Border Patrol agents, drones, and other weapons of war.”

They are not just picking on Trump. Romero said that they would be doing a report on Hillary Clinton as well. I’m glad to see organizations that are ready to fight for our Constitutional rights. The best thing to do, however, would be to not vote for Cheeto Hitler in November.

Here is a news video saying that the ACLU is ready to fight Donald Trump:

Featured Image: Screenshot Of ACLU Tweet Via Twitter.

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