Trump Sends Fashion Police To Crack Down On Women’s Bare Arms At Republican Convention

Apparently making absolutely inappropriate and sexist remarks on a regular basis isn’t enough for Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. He now feels the need to control the way female reporters are dressing at the Republican National Convention and make sure they know to cover up those naked shoulders.

What is worse is that due to Trump’s blatant hatred towards female press members, the Republican National Convention has adopted a dress code that is so conservative that woman with sleeveless shirts and blouses are being told to cover up.

The Donald has repeatedly revoked press privileges for absolutely no reason, so feeling he can control what the women press members wear doesn’t exactly surprise us.

As one reporter from the convention has stated, she was chased down and stopped by a media relations staffer and told that her sleeveless shirt did not conform to Mr Trump’s dress code for ladies, but that the issue was being kept “low key.”

Ok, wait – let’s just stop this bus for one second to point out something. “Mr.Trump” is okay with allowing his wife to represent The United States of America dressed like this:

Photo via Real Time Politics
Photo via Real Time Politics

But this is entirely inappropriate for the female convention press corps and will not be tolerated.

Photo via Lyst
Photo via Lyst

Shortly after the sleeveless shirt incident occurred The House Periodical, Gallery, who govern all credentials to the press for the Republican National Convention, sent all RNC approved journalists the following letter:

“Please distribute this notice to all your correspondents:

All correspondents wearing a convention press pass must be engaged in the gathering and reporting of news, dress in professional attire, and adhere to journalist standards of integrity and conduct at all times. Any correspondent that does not adhere to these rules will have media credentials confiscated.

Thank you.

Rob Zatkowski


House Periodical Press Gallery”

Zatkowski, responding to inquiries about the connection between the letter and the reporter’s run in with RNC clothing police, replied:

“This is something we always put in there. But for some reason nobody read it. People are coming in jeans and sneakers, just slobbish attire. I don’t know if it’s a generational thing. We used to have problems with Europeans wearing jeans, but they were always stylish jeans.”

Zatkowski then stated that the convention representative was taking the dress code into her own hands by commenting on a sleeveless shirt.

It is good to know that one of the most important things on Donald Trump’s mind between global warming, gun control, crashing economics, and war, is what the women of the press are showing up to work in.

Apparently, female RNC media relations staff are okay with restricting woman like it was 1845. I hope that reporter’s ankles were covered or she may have been thrown in the Republican’s underground holding cells.

I wonder what would happen if the whole of the male press corps showed up in sleeveless shirts. Would they be scorned or would The Donald look straight past their bare shoulders?

Watch this video that gives you real world insults from The Donald.

Featured image from Liberal America media library.

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