In Japan, There Are 300+ Flavors Of KitKat. Here Are The Craziest (VIDEO/TWEETS)

KitKats are one of my favorite candies. They are sticks of chocolate (or whatever else) wrapped around a crunchy wafer. They are fairly popular here n the U.S., but, apparently, they are huge in Japan.

They have hundreds of bizarre and unique flavors of this candy treat.

KitKats were first invented in 1930’s England.

KitKat has some very inventive Japanese marketing gurus. This expanse of flavors started in the early 2000s. Ingredients for these unique flavors are taken from local sources.

According to CNN,

KitKat sounds very similar to ‘kito kato,’ which in Japanese means ‘to surely win.'”

A famous patisserie behind this craze is Yasumasa Takagi. Parents give these to their children for good luck. It became an emotional gift.

It has even gone beyond candy bars, there are cheesecakes, pizzas, and “baking bars” to be cooked before eating. He produces limited edition KitKats in his fancy shops underneath a KitKat chandelier.

These Are Some Pretty Kooky Flavors

Here are some of the most interesting flavors they have come up with:

  1. Grilled potato
  2. Cherry blossom
  3. Soybean
  4. Blueberry cheesecake
  5. Brandy and orange
  6. Apricot seed
  7. Anko and macha tea
  8. Chocobanana
  9. White peach
  10. Green tea
  11. Fruit parfait
  12. Strawberry fromage
  13. French salt
  14. Pumpkin
  15. Yubari melon
  16. Double berry
  17. Apple
  18. Mango
  19. Strawberry milk
  20. Nasu kogen milk
  21. Lemon
  22. Red bean paste
  23. Soybean powder
  24. Salt watermelon
  25. Houji tea
  26. Muscat of Alexandria
  27. Sweet bean paste
  28. Chocolate and grilled potato
  29. Apple vinegar
  30. Sports drink
  31. Pineapple
  32. Banana mini
  33. Baby pumpkin
  34. Kiwi
  35. Cappucino
  36. Bitter chocolate
  37. Pudding
  38. Jasmine tea
  39. Maple
  40. iStick (frozen dark chocolate)
  41. Cookies plus
  42. White peach
  43. Macha milk
  44. Strawberry
  45. Raspberry

Would you like to get your hands on some of these?

Head over to Amazon. They can get pretty expensive, though.

During the holidays, they have a gold KitKat. It is actually coated with gold leave, and it will set you back around $16 a stick.

Here are some Buzzfeeders trying some exotic KitKat flavors:

Featured image by Nacho via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.o Generic license.

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