Top 50 Reasons Donald Trump Is Unfit To Be President – With Citations (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Republican presidential n0minee Donald Trump has created a huge sh*tstorm out of this election. Here are 50 reasons that Trump is unfit to be president. This includes things he has said and done. Everything from his official policy opinions to casual ugly remarks he makes. I’m covering all of it.

1. He said Mexicans are rapists during his opening campaign speech. – Liberal America

2. He wants to deport his opponent, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. – The Hill

3. He wants to force the military to commit war crimes. – Washington Times

4. He advocated killing terrorists’ families. – CNN, Liberal America

5. He mocked a reporter with a disability – Liberal America

6. Trump advocates waterboarding, even though it’s been proven to not work. – The Washington Post

7. The Donald thinks that women should be punished for having abortions. – Liberal America

8. He wants to shut down all of the mosques in the country. – Liberal America

9. He wants to default on our debt. – Business Insider, Liberal America

10. At a rally, he suggested that the “Second Amendment people” should shoot Hillary Clinton. – Liberal America

11. Disgusting! Trump used the Orlando massacre to prove his point about terrorism correct. Tweet:

12. Trump defended the decision to put the Japanese in internment camps during World War II. He used this to defend his ban on Muslims entering the country. – Mediaite

13. Trump has some kind of bromance going on with Vladimir Putin. – CNN, Liberal America

14. Kooky! He pretended to be his own publicist to praise himself in the media. – The Washington Post

15. He wants to put all Muslims in a database. – NBC News

16. At his rallies, Trump advocates violence against the protesters. – Liberal America, Time Magazine

17. He thinks global warming is a scandal made up by the Chinese.

18. Trump has many white supremacist fans. – Fortune

19. He won’t give up his businesses if elected. This will create a shitstorm of conflicts of interest. – Fortune, Liberal America

20. Trump insulted John McCain for getting captured as a prisoner of war. – Politico

21. Trump keeps on and keeps on refusing to release his tax returns. – PoliticusUSA

22. Trump blamed sexual assault in the military on the victims. –

23. He keeps falsely claiming that he saw Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks. – The Washington Post, Liberal America

24. He falsely claims that President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim. – CNN, Liberal America

25. Khizr Khan was right. Donald Trump doesn’t know how many articles are in the Constitution. – Slate, Liberal America

26. Trump once called a breastfeeding mom “disgusting.” – CNN

27. Proposed widening libel laws to make it easier to sue media outlets. – Politico

28. He praised North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. – Vox

29. The Donald bragged that he could go shoot someone in the street and not lose votes. – Liberal America, CNN

30. He was way too slow to disavow former KKK leader, David Duke. – Liberal America, CNN

31. Donald Trump bragged about his penis size in a presidential debate. – Liberal America, CNN

32. He conveniently lost $6 million he had raised for veterans. – The Washington Post

33. He posted a link on his Facebook to a conspiracy theory website claiming President Obama was secretly supporting Al-Qaeda. – Facebook

34. He called a U.S. Senator “the Indian” and “Pocahantas.” – CNN

35. He advocates going all over the Middle East and taking oil from countries that have it. – Slate

36. He said that he consults himself on foreign policy. – Politico

37. Donald Trump doesn’t like stay-at-home dads. He said that men who change diapers are “acting like a wife.” – Fortune

38. Scary! He advocates using nuclear weapons. – The Washington Times, Liberal America

39. He insulted a fellow candidate’s face during the primaries. – The New York Times

40. He advocates killing Muslims with bullets that were soaked in pig’s blood. – The Hill

41. He has implied incest multiple times. When she was a baby, her father theorized how big her breasts would be. He said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he’d be dating her. – Slate, YouTube

42. He claimed that American Muslims knew about the Orlando and San Bernadino attacks. – Vox

43. Trump said that his female employees should get to work quickly after giving birth or they would be replaced. – Slate

44. Trump wants to build a ridiculous wall at the U.S.-Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. – Donald Trump Campaign Site

45. Racist tweets about President Barack Obama:

46. Trump has been involved in 3500+ lawsuits over the years. – USA Today, Liberal America

47. At a rally in January, Trump told his security team to throw the protesters coats away. – The Hill

48. He has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, but he’s such a great business man…. – Bloomberg

49. He wants to abolish gun-free zones. – Politico

50. He proposed to charge our military allies for protection. – New York Post

Here is President Barack Obama saying Trump is unfit to be president:

Here is Trump’s rebuttal where he proved Obama correct:

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