Trump Lost $5M Bet The Minute He Admitted Obama Was Born In The US And Should DONATE NOW (VIDEO)

Featured image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video And Pete Souza/Govt. Works.

Back when President Barack Obama got elected, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was a prominent face of the “Birther” movement. Many RWNJs were saying that Obama is really a secret Muslim from Kenya. Some Republicans still believe this shit now, eight years later, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

In October of 2012, Trump said that he would give $5 million to Obama’s favorite charity for proof that Obama was born in the United States.

The long-form birth certificate wasn’t enough. Trump was trying to get Obama to release his academic records and his passport records; that seems a bit excessive.

Well, now its time to pay up.

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold is asking for the $5 million as promised.

Today, Donald Trump held a press conference about this issue. He accused Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of falsely starting the birther movement.

Mother Jones reported:

“Her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again.”

The press conference was a total sham. He invited the press, and then there were a bunch of veterans speaking on Trump’s behalf. Next, Trump spent some time promoting the new hotel and lastly, he said those few sentences, and he walked off stage.

The members of the media who were present were very upset by this sham of his.

NBC News reported that Hillary Clinton said this about the birther movement:

“Donald Trump, in recent weeks, he’s tried to restrain himself and clean up his image but as Maya Angelou once said, ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.'”

“We know who Donald is. For five years, he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history. Just yesterday Trump again refused to say with his own words that the president was born in the United States. Now Donald’s advisers had temerity to say he’s doing country service by pushing these lies. No, he isn’t. He is feeding in to the worst impulses: the bigotry and bias that lurks in our country.”

Here is Donald Trump from 2012 talking about Obama’s birth certificate:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video And Pete Souza Via Flickr/Govt. Works

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