GOOD LUCK TRUMP: Donald Won’t Be Able To ‘Fake His Way Through’ Debate With Hillary (VIDEO)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is playing it cool right now. He might act like he’s not afraid of the upcoming debates with his rival┬ápresidential candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton, but he should be afraid. Even people in his own party believe he should be worried.

Lanhee Chen knows the Republican Party better than anyone. He was a top adviser to the Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and his campaign, and he was the policy director of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and his 2012 campaign.

While working with Sen. Rubio’s camp, he got an inside look at how Trump dominated his party’s primaries.

He watched as Sen. Rubio grilled Trump’s policies during a debate back in February. He was delighted and grinning from ear to ear, but that was before reality slapped him right in the face.

As Trump failed to offer any meaningful solutions to the topic of health care, Chen realized the voters didn’t care that the former reality TV star knew next to nothing about the issues being addressed on stage:

“In retrospect, it is very frustrating.”

But that’s all changing now that Trump will only be sharing the stage with one other candidate. For 90 minutes, he’ll be forced to talk about the issues, and Marco Roboto won’t be there to save him…

While speaking to CNN’s Party People podcast, Chen admitted Trump’s dominance of the Republican primary debates means nothing when it comes to next week’s battle with Clinton:

“He can’t fake his way through 90 minutes. The 90-minute general election format makes it a lot harder to one line your way through it. I think it’s going to be very, very hard for Donald Trump to spend 90 minutes bumper-stickering. I think he’s got to have something.”

He’s right. Trump has only made it this far because he was going up against the bench-warmers of the Republican Party. His childish style of debating fit right in during the primaries, but now he’s stepping out of his comfort zone.

Hopefully his team is teaching him how to act like an adult. He won’t be able to hide behind Ben Carson this time.

Geez. I still can’t believe this actually happened. That stage may have been full of wealthy douchebags trying to destroy our country with one terrible idea at a time, but at least they were entertaining.


Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.