City Of Detroit COMPLETELY REJECTS Donald Trump In New Poll! (VIDEO)

Featured image: Screenshot Of YouTube Video.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has bragged numerous times about the amount of zeros inside his bank account, but the latest zero he has received from the city of Detroit is not anything to brag about.

Even though ol’ Donald has tried his best to seduce Detroit, with multiple events inside the city, including the much-publicized visit to a local church where he received support from the alleged neurosurgeon, Ben Carson.

During the event, Trump spoke directly to the community:

“I want to help you build and rebuild Detroit. I fully understand that the African-American community has suffered from discrimination and there are many wrongs that should be made right.”

Well, thanks to a recent WDIV/Detroit News poll, we know the city of Detroit does NOT want any help from Trump. The poll, which was run from Sept. 27-29, showed that Trump was polling at zero percent inside the city. That’s right, folks.


Let’s think about this for a minute. Trump is polling at the same percentage as hiccups or socks for Christmas. More people supported KFC’s Double Down sandwich.

To be fair, the poll was fairly small. The poll surveyed 600 likely voters in the state of Michigan, which is large enough to get some meaningful data, but only 39 of those voters were from Detroit. So it’s likely there are at least a few people in Detroit who will be voting for Trump, but it’s clear most of the locals want nothing to do with him.

The poll also revealed that Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s performance at the debate pushed her to a 7 percent lead in Michigan. In Detroit, she’s polling at an impressive 89.7 percent. Even Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson received some support in the city. He had 2.6 percent support. The rest of the voters were undecided.

Trump is in Michigan again today. He had a private fundraising event in Grand Rapids.

Featured image: Screenshot Of YouTube Video.