Gay Community Overjoyed By Newly Uncovered Trump Comment About His Sexuality (AUDIO)

Trump Stern
Trump talking with Stern 2010 about having gay thoughts

Unearthed tapes from the past are fast becoming a headache for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a recently uncovered chat with shock jock Howard Stern, Trump was found discussing Tiger Woods, who was going through his own sex scandals at the time.

In 2010 when speaking with Stern on radio, Trump said:

But one thing we’ve learned about Tiger Woods, definitely, he is not gay.

Then in reference to another interview that Stern had conducted with a man who had experimented with men, but who had said he was not gay, Trump commented:
‘You said, “Anybody who has had one or two events with a man is gay.”

Stern replied:

‘Absolutely. Absolutely, you know it and I know it. How many events have you had with a man?’

Trump’s reply:

“Zero. Not even a thought.”

Stern then asserted:

“You’re a real man.”

Then, as if to protest too much, Trump went on:

“In other words, with all that I’ve had, I’ve never had a thought, There’s never been a big thought process, you know…Never even like a thought. In other words, let’s put it this way, during the event there’s never a thought of Jimmy or Ronald or any of that, no. No thoughts.”

In the conversation Trump also talks about how pretty he thought a certain mistress of Tiger Woods was (who happened to be a stripper), giving her a 9 out of 10.

The Gay Star News reports that the gay community around the world are relieved about this. The feeling is most likely mutual.

Despite the anti-gay vibe of this conversation, there are surprisingly many ‘Gay for Trump’ groups and Liberal America has previously reported on Deplorable Deb who is supporting Trump because she considers ISIS to be the new AIDS. Go figure!

Many Trump supporters do that annoying thing where no matter what he does they still like him. For example, Scott Baio’s response to the latest tape scandal, which was simply:

“He talks like a guy! And ladies, this is what guys talk about when you’re not around” 

When it is pointed out over and over that his sentiments are racist, sexist, and misogynistic, often the response from Trump supporters is that he talks like a “normal” guy. Gross!

It appears that he could basically say or do anything and, while his behavior revolts even his fellow Republicans, his voters are blindly loyal.

There has always been a conservative-liberal divide, but Donald Trump and his childlike words do not seem to fall into either. His latest Access Hollywood tapes show that he lacks basic decency when discussing women and that SHOULD disgust everyone on both sides of politics.

We cannot go from having the dignified Obama as president who, in unity and progressive style, once called gay people his “brothers and sisters” to this insecure, arrogant man-child.

Listen to the conversation here:


Featured image via screenshot from You Tube video